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Comets Discoverers by Country


This maps shows the country where comets are discovered by astronomers around the world. In the following pages it is explain blue colors nations by continent with the first comet reported.
I consider astronomers both amateur/professional and SOHO discoverers of all times.


Peru: C/1577V1, unknown discover
Jamaica: C/1737C1, discovered in Jamaica by British Fuller
USA: C/1847T1, discovered by Maria Mitchell
Argentina: C/1882B1, Great Comet
Uruguay: C/1901G1, discovered by Viscara
Mexico: C/1954Y1, discovered by Haro and Chavira
Chile: C/1963R1, discovered by Pereyra
Canada: C/1974V1, discovered by Van den Bergh
Brazil: C/2002Y1, discovered by Holvorcem


Germany: C/1556D1, discovered by Heller
Denmark: C/1582J1, discovered by Brahe
Hungary: C/1618Q1, unknown discoverer
Spain: C/1664W1, unknown discoverer
Poland: C/1677H1, discovered by Hevelius
Britain: C/1683O1, discovered by Flamsteed
Italy: C/1683O1, discovered by Bianchini
France: C/1698R1, discovered by La Hire
Netherlands: C/1743X1, discovered by de Munck
Switzerland: C/1746P1, discovered by Cheseaux
Russia: C/1847Q1, discovered by Schweizer
Austria: C/1879Q1, discovered by Palisa
Romania: C/1898L1, discovered in Romania by German astronomer Pauli
Latvia: C/1914J1, discovered in Latvia by Russian astronomer Zlatinsky
Ukraine: C/1936O1, discovered in Ukraine by Russian astronomer Neujmin, first comet Discovered by Churyumov and Gerasimenko in 1969(67P)
Finland: 40P in 1939, discovered by Vaisala
Norway: C/1939H1, discovered by Hassel
Georgia: C/1942X1, discovered by Tevzadze
Slovakia: C/1946K1, discovered by Pajdusakova
Belgium: 49P in 1951, discovereb by Arend and Rigaux
Czech Republic: C/1973D1, discovered by Kohoutek
Lithuania: C/1980 O1, discovered by Cernis
Sweden: C/1996R1, discovered by Lagrkvist
Croatia: 183P in 1999, discovered by Korlevic and Juric
Slovenia: C/2008Q1, discovered by Maticic
Belarus: several soho comets by Shurpakov


South Africa: C/1652Y1, discovered by Van Riebeeck
Mauritius: C/1830F1, discovered by French astronomer Faraguett
Morocco: P/2011W2, discovered in Morocco by French astronomer Claudine Rinner


China: -240 BC/1P, Chinese astronomers
India: C/1723T1, discovered by Saunderson
Israel: 308P in1991, discovered by Uri Carsenty
Japan: C/1936 O1, discovered by Kaho
Turkmenistan: C/1936 O1, discovered by Russian astronomer Kozik
Uzbekistan: C/1939B1, discovered by Russian astronomer Kozik
Tajikistan: C/1955N1, discovered by Bakharev
Philippines: 85P in 1975, discovered by Boethin
South Korea: C/2009F6, discovered by Yi
Thailand: C/2015D1 SOHO, discovered by Boonplod


Australia: C/1861J1, discovered by Tebbutt
New Zealand: 26P in 1902, Discovered by Grigg