Comets Discoverers by Country


This map shows the country of  the comets discoverers. The goal is to consider the first comet discovered by nations. In blue I considered the country where a comet was discovered by countryman and from another nationality. In red I considered the country where a comet was discovered in that country but from a person of another nationality. Finally, I included as “Comet discoverer” all people that discovered a comet as a professional astronomer, amateur and SOHO discoverers of all time.



In Peru there is reported the first Americas sighting of a comet from a unknown discover in late 1500, exactly the comet C/1577 V1. Another comet was discovered in 1914 by Campbell, C/1914S1.

The only comet in this country was discovered in 1737 by British politician Rose Fuller. (C/1737C1)

In Brazil the first comet was discovered by French astronomer Emmanuel Liais in 1860 (C/1860D1). After that the first country-man who discovered a comet was Paulo Holvorcem in 2002. He co-discovered the C/2002Y1 with C.Juels. Holvorcem discovered other comets with Tenagra Observatory. In the last years, the first amateur survey were founded by C.Jaques and other Brazilian astronomers, the called it “SONEAR”.

United States:
One of the most important nation for astronomy in modern age is absolutely the United States. The first comet arrive with C/1847 T1. Maria Mitchell was the first of a long sequence, she discovered it in 1947. Mt. Palomar gave a long list of astronomer as Peltier, Harrington, Barnard and last Carolyn Shoemaker who was  the most American comet discoverer with 32. In recent years with automatic survey several comet were discovered and took the name of this survey, like LINEAR,NEAT,PANSTARRS and others.

The only comet discovered in Uruguay is C/1901G1, discovered by Viscara.

Pablo Delavan was the first astronomer who discovered a comet in 1913, C/1913Y1. Other astronomers are E.Maristany, C. Cesco and J. Sanguin.

The only comet discovered in Mexico is C/1954Y1.The comet was discovered by the famous astronomer G.Haro and Chavira in 1954.

 First comet by Chilean astronomer arrive in 1963 by  Zenon M, Pereyra with C/1963R1. The first comet discovered in Chile arrived in 1970 by Bolelli who co-discovered the Kreutz comet C/1970K1. Other discovery arrived from ESO observatory by  Carlos Torres (3), Elias and Pizarro during 1980-1996.

First comet for Canada arrive only in 900s by Sidney van den Berg. She discovered the comet C/1974 V1. In total 8th astronomer discovered comet, the most famous is absolutely David H. Levy who discovered 22 comets.


In ancient time the Greece was the first land were population interested in astronomy, so like Chinese and Korean ancient astronomer several comets were reported. I considered the comet recognizes to discoverers in modern age.

The first Italian discovery arrived in 1457 by Paolo Toscanelli (Florence), the comet, in a recent study, was considered a prediscovery observation of 12P/Pons-Brooks . The comet C/1684N1, discovered by Francesco Bianchini, so became the first Italian real discovery comet. The most Italian comet discoverer is Andrea Boattini with 25 comet discoveries(at moment), all from American survey Mt.Lemmon. Several Italian amateur discovered comets in SOHO images.

United Kingdom:
The first report of a comet discovered by England arrived in 1471, (C/1471Y1), by anonymous observer. The first British astronomer who discovered a comet was John Flamsteed in 1683. He discovered the comet C/1683 O1. Through the centuries several other English and Scottish astronomer discovered comets around the world including colonial country. Michael Oates was one of the most famous SOHO discoverer with more of 140 discoveries.

 C/1556D1, discovered  by Joachim Heller (Berlin), was the first comet by Germany. Through the centuries other famous astronomer and amateurs discovered comets. The most famous SOHO discoverer is R.Kracht who discovered several comets and two Kreutz groups of comets.

Comet C/1582J1, discovered by famous astronomer Tycho Brahe. Other discoveries arrives in in ninety century by other professional astronomers.

The first comet discovery in Hungary arrived in 1600s with comet C/1618Q1,by unknown discoverer. No other discoveries arrived until C/1942 C1, by Kulin, while M.Lovas was the most prolific Hungarian comet discoverer.

Two of three bright comet of 1618 were the first comets discovered by a Spanish. The comet were C/1618V1 and C/1618W1, but these comet were discovered in Iran by the king of Spain’s ambassador Figueroa. The comet C/1664W1 was the first comet discovered in Spain by anonymous. In 900s arrived the other Spanish discovery, like Comas Sola in 1932. 

The first Dutch comet was discovered by Jan Van Riebeeck when he was in South Africa on 1652 (C/1652Y1). In 1743 arrived the first comet discovered in Netherland by Dirk Klinkenberg (C/1743X1). Other discoveries often arrive around the world by Dutch explorers and sailors.

C/1661C1, discovered by famous J.Hevelius was the first comet for Poland. In the last century arrived other discoveries while in recent years the last comet were discovered by amateur and in SOHO images.

The first France comet was discovered by anonymous in Aix-en-Provence in 1665, while the comet C/1698R1 was the first attributable by an astronomerer,  Philippe La Hire. France during 1700 and 1800 had the most famous comets discoverer of the world in that period with Messier (13), Mechain (9) and Pons (26).

The first comets discovered in Switzerland were C/1743X1 and C/1746P1 by Jean Philippe Loys de Cheseaux. Recent discoveries arrived by Paul Wild (7) during 1950-90.

The comet C/1750C1  discovered by Pehr W. Wargentin was the first Swedish comet. The last comets discovered by Swedish astronomer arrived in 1996 by C.I. Lagerkvist.

First comet discovered in Portugal was, C/1760A1.It was discovered by Padre Joao Chevelier

The first comet discovered in Russia was C/1847Q1. It was discovered by Swiss astronomer Kaspar Schweizer. In 1913 arrived the first discovery by a Russian/Soviet astronomer, 28P/1913R2, discovered by Grigory Neujmin. Several discoveries arrived through the last century as soviet by professional astronomer.

Since ancient time astronomy in Greece was a very importance science and several Greek report comet in classical age. In modern age the first comet discovered in Greece arrive in 1862 by German astronomer Schmidt (C/1962N1). First famous Greek astronomer was J.S. Paraskevopoulos who discovered a couple of comets from South Africa between 1930-1950

The first comet discovered in Austria was C/1879Q1 by Palisa.

First comet discovered in Romania arrived in 1898(C/1898L1) by German astronomer Pauli. The first Romanian astronomer was Daimaca. He discovered 2 comets in 1943.

 Only one comet was discovered in Latvia, while it was included in Soviet Union in 1914 by Russian teacher V.Zlatinsky (C/1914J1).

As part of Soviet Union several comet were discovere in Ukraine, in particular by Crimean Observatory. The first arrived by Russian astronomer G.Neujmin with C/1936O1. The first comet discovered by Ukrainian astronomer was 67P by Churyumov. In recent years the most famous Ukrainian astronomer is amateur Gennady Borisov. At moment he discovered 8 comets and 1 interstellar comet.

The two famous Finnish astronomers were Vaisala and Oterma, the first discovered the 40P in 1939. It was the first Finnish comet.

The first comet discovered in Norway was C/1939H1. It was discovered by Olaf Hassel.

As part of Soviet Union also Georgia contributed with comet hunting. The first arrived in 1942 by Tevzadze (C/1942X1).

Slovakia’s first comet arrived in 1946 with C/1946K1.It was discovered by Ludmilla Pajdusakova. She and A.Mrkos were the two most famous Czechoslovakians astronomers in 1900s.

First Belgian comet arrived in 1941 discovered by Delporte.

Czech Republic: 
The first comet discovered by Czech astronomer was C/1947Y1 by A.Mrkos. the comet was discovered in Slovakia as part of Czechoslovakia Republic. In 1983 arrived the first in Czech Republic by Vavrova while the last arrived in 2000 by Tichy.

K.Cernis was the first Lithuanian to discoverer a comet in 1980 (C/1980 O1). This comet was discovered from Uzbekistan but in the followings years he discovered comets from Lithuania and from pc during “SOHO hunting”.

The first comet discovered in Croatia arrive in 1999. The 183P/1999DN3 was discovered by K.Korlevic and M.Juric.

Slovenia first discovery arrive in new millennium by an amateur survey from Crni Vhr Observatory. The first comet was discovered by S.Maticic in 2008(C/2008Q1).

First comet discovered by Belarusian astronomer arrive in 2012 with V.Nevski; also in 2012 a SOHO hunter, S.Shurpakov discovered several “SOHO comets” for a couple of years.


South Africa:
First South Africa comet arrived in 1652 (C/1652Y1) by Dutch astronomer Van Riebeeck. The first discovered by a countryman arrive in 1915 by W.Finlay, during the Golden age of South Africa comet hunting where between 1900-1970 46 comets were discovered.

In this oversea French territories near Madagascar French astronomer De la Nux discovered a comet in 1758 (1758K1)

Comet C/1830F1, was discovered by French astronomer H.Faraguet.

In a expedition during the 1882 Solar eclipse a comet was discovered by French and British astronomer in Egypt. (X/1882K1)

In another expedition by British astronomer in Kenya a comet was discovered in 1948 (C/1948V1). It was a Great comet and was first detected by R.Atkinson (UK).

The Kreutz comet C/1970K1 was co-discovered by Air pilot E.Ortiz from his cockpit during a fly over Madagascar.

First Morocco comets arrive in 2011 (P/2011W2). This like the other recent discoveries arrived by amateur French astronomer Claudine Rinner.


Chinese astronomers were the first population to record observations and discovery of comets. After several studies of comet Halley it was reported several prediscovery since -240 BC. In modern age, the first comets attributable to Chinese astronomer were the pairs of 60P/1965A2 and 62P/1965A1 Tsuchinshan, both discovered by astronomers of Purple Mountain. In recent years several Chinese astronomer discovered comet in SOHO image and also amateurs surveys.

In Iran were discovered only two comets in 1618 by Spanish ambassador Figueroa (1618V1 and 1618W1).

The first Indian astronomer who discovered a comet was M.V. Bappu in 1949 (C/1949N1) from United Stated. In recent years several SOHO hunter discovery comets. It is also reported a questions of credit about the great comet of 1831 (C/1831A1). A Indian’s study credited the discovery to Uk astronomer at Mandras observatory,T.G.taylor. He reported the discovery on 7.0UT January 1831 while at moment it is credited to England astronomer J.Herapath who discovered on 7.25UT January 1831. Today the dispute is open.  

Japan like Korean and Chinese observed and recorded comets since ancient time. In modern age the first comet was discovered in 1936 (C/1936 O1) by S.Kaho. After this a lot of Japanese amateur astronomer and in recent years in SOHO images (Uchina) discovered a considerable number of comets.

As part of Soviet Union several observation of comets were made in Turkmenistan observatories. The first comet was discovered by Uzbek astronomer S.Kozik in 1936 (C/1936 O1).

As part of Soviet Union Uzbek astronomer S.Kozik was the most famous comet discoverer. In Uzbekistan he discovered the comet C/1939B1.

First comet was C/1955N1,  discovered by Russian astronomer Bakharev in 1957. Tajik born astronomer was Svetlana Gerasimenko, she discovered the comet 67P.

The only comet discovered in The Philippines was the periodic 85P in 1975.It was discovered by L. Boethin.

The only comet discovered by Israeli astronomer was 308P/1997T3 discovered by Uri Carsenty.

The first comet discovered in Taiwan arrived in 2007 by amateur Lin Chi-Sheng from Lulin Observatory. Other amateurs discovered comets from SOHO images.

South Korea:
Like Japanese and Chinese, Korean record of comets appeared since ancient time. In modern age the first Korean comets arrived in 2009 by amateur Dae-am Li (C/2009F6).
The only Thai astronomer is amateur SOHO discoverer Worachate Boonplod who discovered several hundred of comets in SOHO images. C/2015D1 is one of them.


The first Australian comet was C/1833 S1 discovered by J. Dunlop. The most famous astronomer is the Scottish-Australian R. McNaught  with 82 comets discovered he was a record-man.
New Zealand: 
First comet was discovered in 1902 by J. Grigg (26P/1902O1).